Streams in the Desert Reflexology & Wellness

1-on-1 Wellness Coaching Sessions

I have found in my Reflexology Practice that so many people are needing support concerning diet, nutrition and lifestyle.  To meet this need in a personal setting outside of Reflexology appointments, where I can really engage with you about your personal health and wellness needs, I offer 1-on-1 Wellness Coaching sessions.  Each session provides you with invaluable skills and resources for your health that took me over 10 years to learn on my own through both working with many doctors on my own health journey and many professional trainings as well.

Total Health Recovery Coaching Session ($150)

Take control of your health through diet, personalized nutrition and advanced lifestyle strategies.

In this 1-on-1 Coaching Session, you will learn:

Top Causes of Cellular Inflammation & Dis-Ease

Top Inflammatory Foods to Eliminate

Top Nourishing Foods to Help Your Body Heal and Function your Best

FREE Nutritional Assessment

Personalized Supplementation

Incorporating Essential Oil Therapy for Specific Health Concerns

Essential Self Care Strategies for Optimal Health

Health-Damaging Toxins to Avoid

Replacing Toxic Personal Care & Cleaning Products

Extra Insights for Specific Conditions

Healthy Foods Shopping List

Aromatherapy 101 Coaching Session ($150)

There are a gazillion self-proclaimed essential oil experts out there today who read online or learned through someone else who did.  Unfortunately, because of this, many people are using essential oils improperly and even in very unsafe ways!  The truth is, essential oils are very powerful and can also be dangerous when not used correctly.  As a Clinical Aromatherapist, I have over 250 hours of clinical training in the use of essential oils by European Standard (higher standard than in the U.S.).

 I want to teach you how to use essential oils in safe, effective and practical ways to help you and your families live healthier lives.  I do this in a 1-on-1 setting so you can really ask questions and learn ways to use essential oils that will help YOU!

In this Comprehensive 1-on-1 Session, you will learn:

History of Aromatherapy

What are Essential Oils? (and what they are NOT)

Top Uses

How They Work


Top, Middle and Base Notes

Topical Application & Proper Dilution

Carrier Oils & Blending Strategies

Top 10 Essential Oils EVERYONE Should Have

Specific Uses & DIY Recipes

Safety, Precautions & Contraindications

Group classes available by request, and the cost is $75 per person for a group of 2, or $50 per person for groups of 3 or more.  Each person will receive a binder with all of the information covered, a scientific Aromatherapy reference book and other goodies!