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Healthy Peach Coconut Chia FroYo

As the weather starts to heat up, it can be easy to start craving all sorts of sugary sweets like ice cream, frozen yogurt and snow cones!  But these treats are usually LOADED with inflammatory processed sugar, conventional dairy and other things like neurotoxic food...

Organic DIY Chicken Bone Broth

This is EXCELLENT to to do a bone broth fast/cleanse!  For this, I recommend drinking nothing but fresh bone broth, organic vegetable juices, water and lemon water for 3 days.  This is a wonderful way to detox, give the digestion a rest time for the...

Organic Gut-Healthy Avocado Dip

This Dip is great for  healthy tacos, burritos, plantain chips, sweet potato chips, or even as a veggie dip!  I'm a big fan of cooking with strategy for the body, and this dip is not only yummy but impressive in it's health benefits too! It...

Organic Healthy Grain-Free Tacos

These organic tacos are super easy, filling and guilt-free because they use only healthy ingredients! It is important to use ORGANIC beef vs. conventional in order to avoid consuming harmful antibiotics, growth hormones, synthetic estrogens and other chemicals.  It is also very important to buy GRASS-FED...