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Wellness Packages

Most anything you can do to really improve your health takes time and consistency.  Think about diet, exercise or a nutrition plan…… it takes time and a real commitment, right?  It also takes a holistic approach, meaning you can’t address diet but not exercise or sleep and expect a positive health outcome.

Therapies like Reflexology and Migun Therapy are no different.  For instance, certain studies have shown that both the consistency, and the period of time one receives Reflexology (i.e. 1 month vs. 6 months) has a direct impact on the results.  The more consistent one is, and the longer one receives treatments, the more positive outcome there is on health, and the longer that outcome lasts!

But just like dieting alone is not going to fully address one’s health concerns, neither will these holistic therapies without addressing things like diet, lifestyle and nutrition.

With this in mind, I have created several Wellness Packages for you, to help you save money in the long run, while adding more benefit to you and rewarding you for making a commitment to your health!  The more invested you are in your own health, the more I will invest back into you!

Total Wellness Kick-Start Package

$500 Savings (Best Deal)!!

Total Wellness Maintenance Package

$330 Savings (Awesome Deal)!!

Barefoot Minimum Wellness Package

$135 Savings (Sweet Deal)!!

These packages are a wonderful opportunity to really invest into yourself and your health!  To discuss any of the options with me, please either give me a call or talk to me in-office at your next appointment!

For the Love of Health!