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Infertility & IVF Stats

According the CDC, about 12% of women age 15-44 suffer with infertility.[i]  Some 85,000 women in the United States undergo IVF treatments for infertility annually.  Each IVF cycle runs around $20,000 when all is said and done, and there is only a 40% live birth success rate.[ii] And these were the averages for 2014, so the cost is likely higher now.  That is a lot of money (not to mention a lot on the body) with not that great of odds, right?  I’m not necessarily discouraging against IVF, as it has helped many, but there may be a much simpler solution to try before going that route.

Holistic Therapies May Help

Many women are unaware that holistic therapies like Reflexology and Migun Therapy have the potential to help in a much more natural and affordable way, nor that things like diet, nutrition and lifestyle are key factors to hormone balance and reproductive health.  In my Reflexology practice over the past few years, I have had somewhere between an 80-90% success rate with fertility for those that have been consistent in coming for at least 6 months and committed to making some diet and lifestyle changes!

Things that affect fertility and reproductive health include gut health, toxicities in the body overloading the liver and wreaking havoc on the endocrine system, structural imbalances of the lower spine impeding nerve flow to the reproductive organs, hormone balance, stress and nutritional deficiencies.

Reflexology and Migun Therapy have many benefits to the body including stress relief, as well as improving neurological flow and stimulating specific organs, glands and musculoskeletal areas that impact reproductive health. Castor Oil Packs have been used for assisting the body to detox and improve organ function for hundreds of years!  Aromatherapy can also be a powerful tool to help bring balance to the body and emotions.

Fertility is one of my very favorite things to work with, because it is so rewarding on a soul level to help a couple have the possibility of bringing a little one into the world and creating a family.  Because of this and the positive results I have had, I have decided I must get the word out about Reflexology and fertility! So I have created a Special Fertility Wellness Package to help women try to conceive naturally, as well as improve their overall health and knowledge to live healthier lives in general!

Though Reflexology and other therapies are wonderful for assisting the body, nothing can replace a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Learning how to eat and live in a way that nourishes the body and reduces toxicities and inflammation is the number one most important thing you can do for fertility (or any health concern)!  The body is most fertile when it is healthy.  Because of this, I am including 1-on-1 Wellness Coaching Sessions to really understand your personal situation and give you tools to help you take control of your own health!  At the end of the day, its YOUR habits that will make the single biggest difference for your health.

This package will provide you with a variety of treatments, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and valuable wellness resources over a period of 6 months to improve your overall health and increase your chances of conceiving naturally and having a healthy pregnancy!

I’m actually giving you $500 worth of my services for FREE!!!

What the Fertility Wellness Package Includes:

So why not take a chance and let’s try to help your body conceive naturally for just over $1,000 before spending much more on IVF treatments?  Although there is no guarantee that this program will result in pregnancy, the worst that could happen is that your body is in a healthier state and you’ve gained some knowledge and resources to be more proactive about your health for the future.  In one case where IVF had been unsuccessful several times, I had a client use Reflexology as a way to prepare their body for IVF, and this (along with a holistic approach to include nutrition and lifestyle) resulted in improved egg quality and a successful pregnancy!

Also, if you happen to get pregnant before you’ve completed your treatments, you can use them the second and third trimester to support a healthy pregnancy, to assist with inducing naturally, and to help your body recover and balance after birth when you think you will lose your sanity from the lack of sleep the first few months!

As an additional perk if you take advantage of this Fertility Package, I will also offer 6 Reflexology + Migun Therapy treatments for your husband for an additional $150 off! It’s easy to forget that dad’s emotional and physical health and habits also have a profound impact on the pregnancy success rate and health of the baby!  Reflexology & Migun Therapy may help support things that affect male reproductive health such as stress, toxicity, gut/liver health, and sperm quality.

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Fertility Success Stories


I started seeing Pamela at Streams in the Desert after a pretty grim diagnosis from my fertility specialist. I had stage 4 endometriosis, PCOS, a blocked Fallopian tube, MTHFR and diminished ovarian reserve. I was looking for anything to help improve our chances of becoming parents. After the first reflexology session I literally felt my ovaries aching for 2 weeks! Like they were waking up! I have continued to go monthly the past three years and have experienced my endometriosis cramping completely disappear. Never, EVER have I had anything relieve my period pain except the reflexology and essential oils Pamela uses. We also welcomed our miracle baby six months ago!! I am a strong believer that reflexology, essential oils and Pamela’s expertise helped us achieve our dream of becoming parents. Thank you, Pamela, for helping my body become more healthy and most especially, for helping us become mommy and daddy!!! ~Mindy Drummond


It took 2.5 years of fertility treatments, including 6 rounds of IVF, to get pregnant the first time. After nursing my baby (and not having a period for 14 months), it took only one reflexology treatment with Pamela and my period started two days later! I had another treatment with Pamela and amazingly got pregnant just two months later.... with no fertility meds or doctor appointments at all! I so value and appreciate Pamela and her wisdom and the grace with which she thoughtfully treats clients. the effects of reflexology have been wonderful for me, and the hours spent enjoying treatments truly are some of the most relaxing I've ever had! Even if only for the relaxation alone, I would choose a reflexology appointment with her over a typical relaxing massage any day! ~Nadia DuBose


My husband and I tried to conceive for years and we always give God the glory, but we feel that through Pamela and her reflexology techniques, it helped us get pregnant. We both did several sessions of her fertility treatments and within a couple of months we were pregnant with our son. Thank you Pamela for your love of people who have struggled with fertility and helping us start a family! ~Brian and Christine




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