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I am offering you some special opportunities to work on your HEALTH!  Did you know pretty much every major disease we face in America today is caused in large part by LIFESTYLE factors such as STRESS, DIET, EXERCISE, etc?  The reality is that Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Obesity and many more very common diseases today could be prevented entirely with lifestyle. This is so huge statistically when you look at numbers like 4 out of 5 people in the U.S. die from heart disease and cancer, 1 out of 3 people develop Type II Diabetes, 65% of the industrialized world are overweight or obese, neurological disorders are skyrocketing… and these numbers continue to increase.  These are disease that begin to develop in the body 15-30 years before they are diagnosed.  WE MUST MAKE A CHANGE.  We must do things differently if we want to see different results in our own personal lives.  And we can…

As a CYBER MONDAY Special, I have partnered with a fellow Health Expert to offer you a couple of serious specials that will add so much value to your life and provide you with tools to help you live healthier, feel better and prevent or fight disease.  About 6 months ago I was presented with the opportunity to work with this Health Expert on some of my own health challenges.  Making the decision to work with him has been nothing short of one of the best decisions I’ve ever made on my own personal health journey, hands down.  Because I have experienced such inspiration, knowledge, insight and hope from him….I want you to have the opportunity to work with him too!

Shane Lashley, MBA, M.Mgt. is the founder of Lashley Health Systems, a company that provides Concierge Lifestyle Medicine Consulting to patients and clients in Texas.  Shane’s personal expertise is in connecting the current state of your health with how you think, your habits, your nutrition and your genetics.  He leads a team that includes physicians, pharmacology experts, as well as nutrition, exercise, human behavior change, and integrative medicine experts.  Shane has appeared on every major radio network in the United States as a subject matter expert in lifestyle transformation, and serves as a consultant to other physicians and companies regarding new ways to improve their practices and products to help people avoid or recover from disease caused by lifestyle factors. Shane is passionate about helping people live above their expectations and avoid unnecessary decline and suffering.

Okay, as for the Special Opportunities…….

OPPORTUNITY #1.  This is a program on STRESS that you can access right away at a special price of $129 for the rest of 2017 (Read further below for more details).  A few weeks ago, I sent out a survey on stress and received an overwhelming response from you that you want to learn more about stress, how it impacts you, and most importantly what you can do about it.  This program is for you!!


Purchase Opportunity #1 for $129!


OPPORTUNITY #2.  This is a chance to get a 90 minute personal consultation with Shane to focus on any health goal you have for 2018 for only $199 (that’s $300 off the regular $499!!). Yeah, that’s the best it will be until next year at this time. (Read further below for more details)
OPPORTUNITY #3. This is an option to purchase both #1 Program and #2 Consultation for $299, which is an additional $29 discount off the sales prices and total savings of $329!!

If you purchase this option, I am also throwing in a $35 discount on a Reflexology/MIGUN Physiotherapy gift card for a loved one (or pre-paid treatment for yourself)!  Once you have signed up for both #1 & #2, you can purchase your gift card here for the amount of $100 instead of the regular $135.  Gift cards purchased this week will be honored through January.

All of these offers are available all this week for you, but must be purchased by Friday, Dec. 1st!!

A little more in-depth explanation of what these offers include….

This is a group class taught online by Shane via Healthie Portal

  • Connecting Chronic Stress With Why You Feel Bad
  • Why Christmas Day Is When More Heart Attacks Occur Than Any Other Day Of The Year
  • How Stress Can Be Good For You
  • The Two Most Imporant Factors That Determine Whether Stress Is Harmful Or Helpful
  • How Stress Impacts Hormone Balance and Inflammation
  • How Stress Can Hijack Your Ability To Feel Inner Peace Even In Quiet Moments
  • The Role Food Can Play In Creating New Stress You Don’t Need
  • Two Inexpensive Tools Everyone Should Use To Monitor The Effect Of Stress On Their Body
  • How To Disrupt Your Body’s Circuitry Of Chronic Stress So That You Can Be Calm Even When Life Is Turbulent
  • How To Change The Effect Of Stress Even If You Cannot Change The Source Of The Stress
  • How To Build Stress Resilience Without Telling Yourself To “Just Suck It Up”
  • Can Your Genetics Make You More Vulnerable To Stress?  If So, What Should You Do?
  • Live Question & Answer Sessions via Secure Video Conference
  • Online Content In A Private Portal You Can Access Anytime
  • Special Questionnaires & Assessments
  • No, you don’t want to miss this!

90 minute consult normally $499  for only $199
Some Options Include:

  • Balancing & Restoring Hormones
  • Lab Work: What To Get And How To Improve Results
  • Preventing, Halting or Reversing Chronic Disease
  • Reducing or Eliminating Chronic Pain
  • Conquering Autoimmune Disease
  • Improving Performance
  • Losing Weight And Keeping It Off
  • Improving Self-Care Habits
  • Reducing or Eliminating Anxiety / Depression
  • Lowering Stress
  • Improving Quality of Sleep
  • Demystifying Nutrition: How To Know What And How Much To Eat
  • Accessing Medical Nutrition Therapy To Tackle Big Health Challenges
  • Understanding Whether Your Genetics Cause Methylation Problems That Make You Feel Bad
  • Improving Digestion
  • Improving Energy, Stamina
  • Improving Mood
  • Overcoming Brain Fog
  • General Wellness, Fitness, Reducing Risk Of Lifestyle Diseases
  • Getting In Shape And Staying There
  • Other…. Any Other Health Challenge You Have and Want Help With

I hope you will take advantage of these super sweet deals!  The holidays are a great time to make goals, focus on your health, and get a great start to 2018!

To Growing Healthier Together,